To question is a nature of our humanity.
The catacomb saints are ancient Roman corpses that were exhumed from the catacombs of Rome, given fictious names, and sent abroad as relics of saints. Few, if any, were legitimate. Each saint was lavishly decorated with gold and precious stones, and each believed to produce miracles relating to its patronage.

Through these anonymous bones, I am able to impersonate the role of a saint and pose my questions to religion. If there is a loving God, why is there war, and death? How do we know we have a soul? Do we control our Desitny? How can we believe in creationism when there is so much evidence of evolution?

With this use of contemporary and biblical symbolism, I hope to create pieces that go beyond the single layer of meaning, and draw the viewer in to an alternate reality. My inspiration for this body of work was primarily drawn from the book "Heavenly Bodies" by Paul Koudounaris, religious icons from the Byzantine era, and biblical renaisance paintings.

It was my goal to be as involved in the creative process as possible. The hair and makeup was designed and executed by myself, the costumes were hand beaded, and the props were created from thrifted material. having a hand in the entire creation of this project was important so as to fully submerge myself in my search for religion. Every element of this project was researched and contemplated to bring the project together as a cohesive piece.