I have always been a storyteller.

From the beginning of our sentient lives, the mind begins to collect data and attempt to create order out of the chaos. Sometimes, our minds creates narratives to explain the surroundings and events of life. Capturing elaborately staged narratives with my digital camera, I examine the in-between moments of our lives; how our story is happening even when we aren’t ready, and the human need for reason and story telling.
Stories can be inspired by any unique set of circumstances. To create these for my photographs, I combine interesting locations, characters, and props that could inspire multiple narratives. For myself and my characters, I write a vague, open ended paragraph explaining the moment that they were partaking in –their emotions, the sights, the sounds, and hints of what was to happen next – and allowed them to act from there. This was my attempt to let go of the control that so greatly impacted my previous works.
My work is greatly inspired by Gregory Crewdson, Jeff wall, and David Lynch. When I began this work, I focused on the pinnacle of the action – the dramatic highpoint of the story I hoped to tell. After working in this way, I began to find that my work added nothing new to the dialogue that Wall had started. So I instead began to tell the stories of the in-between moments; the moment where fate and destiny change our lives without our notice.
It is my hope that people walk away from my work with the need to ask more questions, and appreciate the moments we so easily let pass by. Life is a continuous cycle that happens when one is in action or not. The story doesn’t happen in the high points, it happens in every moment.