I developed an eating disorder as a result of an emotionally manipulative and controlling relationship. After a while, I couldn't kid myself any longer. I owned up to my problem. I broke off the relationship. I got help from a nutritional counselor. It's been quite a journey. There have been times when I've made great strides, and then hit a wall and had setbacks. When you live with an eating disorder, you can be having a fantastic 'normal' day, and then overhear a comment that totally deflates you and sends you back to a bad place. It's a process. And it's one that I face daily. But you know what? I've been in recovery for four years. I have a wonderfully supportive family, kind friends and a great partner. I've learned a lot about myself. Everyone has their demons, but most folks want others to succeed and be happy. We're all much stronger than we think. Sometimes, that smile or vote of confidence can help someone who's secretly struggling to make a good choice or give them the extra boost they need. A little extra kindness and understanding can make all the difference in the world.